I thought I would write a little about myself and the work I do by way of introduction to the team.

I’m a crofter on the Ardnamurchan peninsula in the West Highlands, as well as a consultant working with food businesses to achieve their aims. All of my roles have involved a large degree of collaboration of varying types. Working with others whether in achieving my own business's objectives or during my involvement in social enterprise projects, partnerships have been a key characterising feature of my work, supporting businesses in making any action taken more impactful, and facilitating self-led change. 



Included amongst the many projects I have worked on is the formation of a collective of local crofters and producers in the West Highlands, created in an effort to act as an economic driver to stimulate production. Included was the development of an online marketplace, web, and social media presence. The collective has since grown in numbers helping to bring about the transformation of many croft businesses, as members have brought their land out of dereliction and into productivity. Additionally, I have worked with local government in steering policy, developing the architecture necessary to support local producers' engagement in the procurement process, and enabling change at scale for those businesses. 

I am a carbon literacy trainer and have mentored individuals, small businesses, and groups in negotiating sustainable food production. With a background in environmental art and social enterprise, I have studied sustainable economic development and local food networks in Scotland and in a number of European contexts. I am passionate about the part communities are able to play in the development of a sustainable food landscape, as we address climate and ecological challenges now and in the future. 

I live ‘off grid’ on the family croft, so if anyone wants to know about composting toilets, an area that seems to attract a tremendous number of questions at social events, please feel free lol. I am delighted to be joining the incredibly capable and talented team at Food from Farming and am looking forward to engaging with you all in your exciting projects.

Thanks, Stevie