. . . . . . then don't say nothing at all!

From my previous post Running - Love or Loathe? you might have realised that I enjoy running and feel an awful lot better both physically and mentally due to it. But you know what else I've discovered? I've realised that I want Strava to be my go to social media platform!

Why? I hear you ask.

Simply because it is how social media used to be and that word is "supportive". I love the tiny community that I have built up and how we say well done when we have recorded a run, a walk, etc. I love how we say, oh you haven't been for a run for a while are you ok? I love how when one of us thinks that we've had a bad run that the rest rally round and say don't worry these things happen or no, actually it isn't as bad as you think. I LOVE THE POSITIVITY!

Now why oh why can't we all be like that on all platforms. Or if you don't agree with something that someone has written, then disagree but with an explanation of why you think that what you've seen is wrong. But why do we need all the negativity and sometimes dare I say downright nastiness on social media.

Stop hiding behind those keyboards people and play nice. And hey if you don't have anything nice to say then please just keep your thoughts to yourself and don't say nothing at all.