January is a difficult month for a lot of people, some of us feel really down after the parties and family get togethers in December, others worry about money after maybe overspending the previous month, then there are those who enjoyed some lengthy time off work and aren't looking forward to returning, and of course we are all really fed up of the current situation that we are all still in regarding the pandemic.

Please Be Kind

Please Be Kind

It's also a really difficult time for all those involved in the food and drink sector, from farming right through to hospitality. There is still so much uncertainty for our hospitality businesses when January is always regarded as a difficult month for them as it is. This also reflects on anyone who supplies these businesses. So yes, we really all seem to be struggling in the month of January.

So, what we do not need is the media (whether that is social or the press) telling us what we should and should not eat, what we should be omitting for our diets, what we are eating is correct or more often than not that it is wrong. When did everyone suddenly become experts on each other's diets and preaching that "I am obviously correct in what I eat and you are wrong". Can we not make our own decisions, can we not actively research for ourselves if we have any doubts?

Every year this angers me and I normally ignore it but I recently saw two people commenting on a hospitality business trying to shame them about their menu which really, really angered me! Did they contact the business first, to clarify the facts? Did they contact the business directly to voice their concerns? I'm guessing not! I mean why would you be so courteous to do that when you could shame a business, get more people to attack them and so what if they are struggling in this current pandemic (I am sure all hospitality businesses are)! No, let's just jump on our keyboards and publicly write comments that haven't been backed up.

What happened to being courteous with an enquiry? Why do we have to be so public when we have something to say? Please people, we are all living in difficult times and yes we may not agree with one another but can we please try and be kind if we do have something that we would like to bring to someone else's attention. And hey if you enquire courteously you're more likely to get a response and may even come to an amicable resolution.

So c'mon people, please Be Kind.