Have you been busy? I mean even more busy than usual? Back to back meetings scheduled, sit in front of your computer first thing in the morning, then next thing you know your tummy is rumbling as its 3pm and you haven’t stopped! But then do you stop, or do you just grab something quickly, sit back at the computer and before you know it, it’s 8pm?!

The more people I talk to, the more I realise that a lot of us are doing this and it’s not good for our bodies, or our mental health and it leaves us with no work life balance.

At least during #Run1000 I was getting out running a number of times a week and escaping the office, but I have to say that once January was over that I soon set into my old ways. In fact, during February and March I hardly ran. This is not good!

However, I still stepped away from the computer and I completed a 25 minute class, four days a week which has made me take time for me. In fact, it has helped clear my head by switching off from work, but it has also improved my overall fitness and I think it is also due to this class that I am running much more consistently and getting my running time down.

Next week I will start my third Lockdown Lifters class. This class is an 8 week block (2 sets of four weeks), consisting of four 25 minute session that you can fit into any busy schedule. You can do them first thing in the morning, at lunchtime or in the evenings. This subscription home weights program is a gradual and progressive build that seamlessly fits into your day and I love it.

This format is really effective for me and I am seeing so many benefits from strength, power, and range of motion to less discomfort, better posture, more self confidence and my running is really improving which I am sure is down to this class.

Lockdown Lifters

Lockdown Lifters

The sessions are planned to offer maximum efficiency in minimum time and incorporates a mini Hiit session which I find really effective.

Sessions are streamed live in a private Facebook group and once aired, they are then there for you to access whenever suits your schedule, so if you can't join live (lives are a one way stream so you’re not seen) you can easily and quickly catch up. Check ins are encouraged after you complete each and are a great way of staying accountable, as well as chatting with others taking part and reading their thoughts on the sessions.

I have loved every single Lockdown Lifters session, and I feel as if I have gained new friends, even though we have never actually met. This is also the longest I have ever committed to a fitness class ever. But I can fit it into my work life routine, I can see the benefits on my body (I am now lifting 6kg in every session and plan to increase this for LL3) and most beneficial to me is that my running is continually improving!

What’s not to like? Take time for yourself, exercise helps and with these classes you don’t need to worry about driving to a class or the bad weather putting you off going. I love Lockdown Lifters and I may even be slightly addicted to this fabulous class.