I love it, but that's when I get back into it. The hardest thing for me is once I stop for a period is to start again. I started really well at the beginning of the year when I decided to join the local ParkRun which had started in November. I hadn't done any running for years but was determined to get back into it and having something organised, helped to get back into the mindset of running again.

Oh my was it hard work, but I was determined to get to the end of the 5km and the best thing is that it is timed! I'm very competitive with myself so I had a time that I had to beat the following week which would make me continue to attend. I attended regularly from then and got my time down by two minutes before all Park Runs were cancelled indefinitely due to Covid-19. 

Food and drink businesses are finding the current situation difficult. Our route to market has either become non-existent or changed to only a small percentage of what it was. But chatting to a lot of the businesses that I know, they are still thinking positive and looking to the future.

This is also a time to reflect on your business, look at what you are doing, the lines you produce and the sales of those lines. I think we are quite guilty of being reactive when it comes to our businesses. This is a great opportunity to study your strategy and business model. What has been working, what hasn't and how you could improve. We don't like having time on our hands, but will we ever get time like this again to really scrutinise our businesses?