Welcome to the Food from Farming Reading Room! We are always looking to expand our knowledge and love reading so why not share some of our favourite reads and a brief outline of what we think made them so insightful. Our work spans a wide range across Food from Farming so we look forward to building a varied and interesting library.

We aren’t affiliated or sponsored and all opinions are very much our own!


Native by Patrick Laurie: As a local lass born in Galloway this book really resonated with me. I loved the narrative of the book and how the author is working  with traditional breeds to benefit the landscape and nature of the region while telling the story of his life throughout a year. (Sheena)







Building Soil by Elizabeth Murphy: I have a lot of reference books that I read once and don’t come back to but Building Soil isn’t one of those! I love how clear the  explanations are, especially soil analysis. it takes a lot of confusion away from test results and gives clear advice. I particularly like the notes to tailor your compost or soil to what you are growing. (Harrie) 







Leiths Baking Bible by Susan Spaull & Fiona Burrell: Whether you are an enthusiastic, experienced baker or a nervous beginner, then this is the book for you. The Baking Bible is a comprehensive collection of staple baking recipes including breads, cakes, pastries, meringues and biscuits. I particularly love this book because it goes into detail about the ingredients, equipment, the history of the recipes, points to remember and what has gone wrong when… You are guaranteed to never have a soggy bottom again! (Eilidh)