I love it, but that's when I get back into it. The hardest thing for me is once I stop for a period is to start again. I started really well at the beginning of the year when I decided to join the local ParkRun which had started in November. I hadn't done any running for years but was determined to get back into it and having something organised, helped to get back into the mindset of running again.

Oh my was it hard work, but I was determined to get to the end of the 5km and the best thing is that it is timed! I'm very competitive with myself so I had a time that I had to beat the following week which would make me continue to attend. I attended regularly from then and got my time down by two minutes before all Park Runs were cancelled indefinitely due to Covid-19. 

This happened the same time that I was due to head off to go lambing and therefore no running for 4 weeks. Or at least that's what I told myself but this is my third week back home and I haven't ran since my return. I had decided that I would treat myself to some new running shoes after lambing and they arrived last Thursday but still no running. But last night I went to bed with a determination that I would run and I would time myself. So up early this morning, new shoes on and away for a run. It might only have been 2km but it was a start and I now have a time to beat again. Once I get started it isn't a problem but oh do I need a push to do it. I have also downloaded the Strava app and it seems I have quite a few twitter friends who like running that are also on there so we encourage and congratulate each other on our running efforts which also helps to keep the momentum going. Target has now been set to get back up to 5km and get my time under 30 minutes.

Now why am I writing about this you may ask? Well this week is Mental Health Awareness week. I am self employed and very guilty of working 24/7 and not switching off to my work. Running for me is not just about getting fit and being competitive with myself but it is my way off switching off to everything that is happening except running. When I am running I don't think about my business, I don't think about what is happening with the pandemic and whether my business will survive, I don't worry about finances and how I don't seem to be eligible for any government funding, I just run and I love it.

So please can I suggest that you find something that helps you to switch off and take time for yourself, because we all need to do this more and especially in this current climate.

New running shoes

New running shoes