margin-left: 20px; margin-bottom: 20px;A commitment to giving back through multiple community and business organisations, including chairing the regional economic leadership group. If you think my experience could bring something to your organisation, why not give me a shout.


"‘I have had the good fortunate to work alongside Sheena for a number of years within the wider Scottish food scene.  It constantly amazes me how Sheena is always 2 steps ahead.  She either already knows that person, has worked with them in some way, or is trying to make a connection with you and them. This ability to network and create networks has helped me increase my engagement and knowledge within the food industry and with Sheena’s support take on new challenges that I may otherwise have not taken on."

‚Äč"Our business has greatly benefitted from the social media network and knowledge that Sheena has.  From long term strategy to day to day content and communication, she has the passion and expertise to make social media activity a success."