A friend of mine put a post on Twitter this morning to say that they were joining in a boycott and not using the platform for 48hrs. Now from a previous blog you will have read how I wish social media was ‘more Strava’ where we were all nice and encouraging instead of all the negativity.

So I decided to join in and have came off all social media platforms for 48hrs. For most that won’t bother me but I use Twitter as a conversation tool, spending Monday to Friday on my own, as my husband works away all week. The Jack Russell terrier is quite good at listening to me but not great at responding so Twitter is where I have quite a bit of conversation. 

But there is the downside to that too, seeing all the hate speech on it, the negativity and folks being quite nasty when they don’t agree on something. Therefore I’m hoping this 48hrs away will also stop me using it so much, period.

It has also got me thinking, why can’t we have a platform where there is no negativity, where people can have a conversation, we can agree to disagree but in a pleasant way, we can have discussions, where there is no fake news and where we can learn from one another. Where if you are nasty or join in hate speech that you automatically get banned! This is only a dream I suspect as it just wouldn’t happen in todays society but I can keep on hoping.

On a final note - please, please, PLEASE think before you type!


THINK before you type

THINK before you type